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Here at Primary Fundamentals, we specialize in providing instruction based on best practices to teach North Carolina state standards. We teach grade specific reading and writing (literacy) and math skills for grades Pre-K to 8th grade, but we specialize in the primary grades; where students form a solid educational foundation. When students move from their primary years into their 3rd grade year, they experience more success because their foundation is strong and secure. Some skills we assist in are listed below and are not limited to any particular grade level. Students will need various skills at their grade level to bridge gaps in learning or to accelerate their learning. For secondary fundamentals (middle school), we help bridge gaps in foundational skills, aid in comprehension and application of current standards.

Our Specialty



  • Kindergarten Readiness Assessments
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Letter Recognition


  • Reading Fluency
  • Number Recognition
  • Counting (1 to 1 correspondence)
  • Name Writing

First Grade

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Reading Comprehension/Strategies
  • Handwriting/Writing (sentences)
  • Addition/Subtraction/Telling Time

Second Grade

  • Reading Fluency
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Multi-digit addition/subtraction

What We Offer


Third Grade

  • Understand the formula for the writing process
  • Learn how to write for a particular audience
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Fourth and Fifth Grade

  • Read with a higher level of fluency and expression
  • Utilize root words, prefixes, suffixes, and context clues to analyze… 
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Secondary Fundamentals (Middle School)

  • Fluent reading with a variety of literary genres
  • Successful application of comprehension strategies
  • Composition development Constructively critique their own and other’s writing
  • Apply punctuation, grammar, and syntax skills

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