It is critical that you coordinate online tutoring for your child during the summer. Students
tend to have an issue readjusting to school after an extended summer break. Scheduling some
tutor and student time during the summer can help your child hit the ground running when
school reopens. It is particularly critical that you make good use of this current summer due
to the disruption of the Coronavirus.
Ann Arbor of the University of Michigan reports that “researchers are tracking test
differences and are already starting to see achievement gaps worsen with school closures.”
This research relates to the school closures that have come about due to the Coronavirus. If
you are not a high-income earner, research suggests that you are in greater need of using
online tutoring or some other educational program during the summer break. According to
Patricia Nicolas-Nader, “Research identifies the cumulative effect of summer learning
differences as a primary cause of widening in-school achievement gaps between students by
family income”
Overall, online tutoring is among the best ways to equip your child and give them a strong
foundation. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Invest in your child’s future by utilizing
online tutoring.
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