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Our Specialty

Here at Primary Fundamentals, we specialize in providing instruction based on best practices to teach North Carolina state standards. We teach grade specific reading and writing (literacy) and math skills for grades Pre-K to 8th grade, but we specialize in the primary grades; where students form a solid educational foundation. When students move from their primary years into their 3rd grade year, they experience more success because their foundation is strong and secure. Some skills we assist in are listed below and are not limited to any particular grade level. Students will need various skills at their grade level to bridge gaps in learning or to accelerate their learning. For secondary fundamentals (middle school), we help bridge gaps in foundational skills, aid in comprehension and application of current standards.

Kindergarten Readiness Assessments
Fine Motor Skills
Letter Recognition
Beginning Phonics
Print Concepts
Phonemic Awareness
Number Recognition
Counting (1 to 1 correspondence)
Name Writing
Print Concepts
High-Frequency Words
First Grade
Phonemic Awareness
Reading Comprehension/Strategies
Handwriting/Writing (sentences)
Addition/Subtraction/Telling Time
Second Grade
Reading Fluency
Phonemic awareness
Multi-digit addition/subtraction
Word/story problems
Third Grade
Understand the formula for the writing process
Learn how to write for a particular audience
Develop an expanded vocabulary to create more in-depth sentences
Read with fluency, with focus on comprehension
Multiply and divide multi-digit numbers by a single-digit number
Understand and work with simple fractions and decimals
Be able to manipulate and read basic graphs
Understand the concepts of area and perimeter
Be able to apply math to everyday activities
Fourth and Fifth Grade
Read with a higher level of fluency and expression
Utilize root words, prefixes, suffixes, and context clues to analyze unfamiliar words
Apply comprehension strategies to literary and expository texts
Formulate multiple paragraph pieces that focus on a specific purpose or audience
Write chronological pieces, pieces focusing on cause and effect and pieces that draw from personal experience
Apply comprehension strategies to a variety of literary genres
Write and punctuate appropriately in research and composition assignments
Speak and listen with grade appropriate skill
Add and subtract large numbers with sums up to 1,000,000
Complete basic multiplication and division problems
Understand basic fraction and decimal concepts
Recognize and identify basic geometrical vocabulary and ideas
Be proficient in data collection and analysis Use basic algebraic functions such as exponents and order of operations
Apply geometric concepts to solve problems
Use various methods of measurement with skill
Understand data analysis and basic statistical terms
Secondary Fundamentals (Middle School)
Fluent reading with a variety of literary genres
Successful application of comprehension strategies
Composition development Constructively critique their own and other’s writing
Apply punctuation, grammar, and syntax skills
Recognize and apply grade appropriate vocabulary
Read with fluency, with focus on comprehension
Competency with algebraic operations
Applying geometry concepts to problem solving
Development of complex graphing skills
Use of functions and probability to make predictions
Have a solid understanding of algebraic principles
Be able to graph and solve linear equations
Understand and apply basic concepts of geometry

Online Individual Tutoring

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Consider this: Are you concerned that your child is not ready for kindergarten? Do you worry that your child is not fully prepared for their next grade level?  Is your child able to read, but struggling with comprehension? Or, do you want your child to be advanced academically?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, no matter what the situation, Primary Fundamentals can help! Primary Fundamentals provides in-home tutoring services, where input is utilized from you, your child’s teachers and assessments (if needed). We then design a Fundamental Plan of success! Experienced educators use that information to provide personalized tutoring services in literacy (reading/writing) and math to students in Pre- K through 8th grade, specializing in grades Pre-K-2.

Online Group Tutoring

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Do you want assistance for your child, but worry about paying individual tutoring rates? 

No worries! When your child receives group tutoring at Primary Fundamentals, LLC,  we group students according to their academic needs.

In the small group sessions, students work on collaborative, social, and academic skills with an experienced educator to achieve results according to their coaching plan.

Parent Coaching

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Our PCS (Parent Coaching Seminar) sessions are built to instruct and motivate parents and guardians on the how-to of teaching your child important literacy/math skills, communicating with his/her teacher,  and becoming a better advocate for your child’s education.

Topics Include:

Reading Fundamentals at Home

Reading/Comprehension Strategies: What does that look like?

Preparing for Kindergarten

Parent/Teacher Conference Essentials

Communicating with your Child

Parent Advocating for your Child

Motivating your Child

Common Core Curriculum in Action

21st Century Learning

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