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Here at Primary Fundamentals, we specialize in providing instruction based on best practices to teach North Carolina state standards. We teach grade specific reading and writing (literacy) and math skills for grades Pre-K to 8th grade, but we specialize in the primary grades; where students form a solid educational foundation. When students move from their primary years into their 3rd grade year, they experience more success because their foundation is strong and secure. Some skills we assist in are listed below and are not limited to any particular grade level. Students will need various skills at their grade level to bridge gaps in learning or to accelerate their learning. For secondary fundamentals (middle school), we help bridge gaps in foundational skills, aid in comprehension and application of current standards.

Online/In-Person Tutoring

The role of the academic tutor includes being responsible for leading one-on-one or small group lessons that cater to the academic needs and goals of students. They will have the following other responsibilities: 

  • Teaching skills to improve academic performance, including study strategies, note-taking skills and approaches to answering test questions.
  • Demonstrating academic best practices for specific subjects and assignments.
  • Using various teaching materials to supplement classroom/online lessons.
  • Setting goals and tracking progress, based on areas of needed improvement.
  • Providing students positive and constructive feedback.
  • Offering feedback on progress to students’ parents and teachers where appropriate.

Online/In-Person Academic Support Tutoring

The role of the academic support tutor includes being responsible for assisting children (one-on-one or small group) with school work. Their responsibilities include:

  • assisting students one-on-one or in small groups with their online assignments (math, reading, science, specials/electives, and homework). 
  • monitoring and assisting students in understanding key concepts in order to complete given assignments.
  • providing additional instruction as needed to help the student to be successful with assignments. 
  • providing feedback on student progress to parents as needed.

Online Summer Programs

Stretch Your Brain

This fun, interactive 6-week review class combines direct teaching with interactive games to help children strengthen their current foundation and bridge academic gaps before moving to the next grade level. These sessions provide a great opportunity to stop “summer brain drain” or summer learning loss because they provide extra practice and review of important, core standards to ensure students are ready for the next level of learning!

JumpStart Your Brain

This fun, interactive 6-week PREVIEW class gives students a jump start to the new year! These sessions will give your child a jump start on important, core standards they will learn in the next grade level. These sessions involve direct instruction and engaging online activities to keep your child focused and engaged. Students will leave this online class with insight and tools to boost their confidence for the next level of learning!

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