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 Building strong foundations for academic success

Bianca Lassiter

Math and literacy, Pre-K to 3rd grade

Sherida Lewis

Math and Literacy, PreK to 5th grade

Dr Sandy Mitchell​

Math and Literacy PreK - 8th grade

Rebecca Habbershaw

Pre-K to 5th
6th-8th grade ELA

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Primary Fundamentals

Pre-K- 8TH Grade Classroom

Krystle Glover

Math 3rd-8th grade
ELA 3rd-5th grade

Adrienne Adams

Math 3rd-5th grade
ELA 3rd-8th grade

Deidre Smith

Math and Literacy Pre-K to 3rd grade

Jakera Smith

2nd-5th Grade Classroom

Brenda Sperling

Math and Reading

Startice Galmore

PreK-3rd grade