All parents want to know that their little one receives the greatest possible education. The
decision of where to send children to be taught is major and takes diligent thought and
evaluation. We are now living in a time where are options are now being affected by a
Considering the spread of the coronavirus, parents should begin to consider online tutoring
for their children. The disruption caused by the spread of COVID-19 will, without doubt,
cause educational setbacks. With this in mind, parents and caregivers must be proactive
rather than reactive to this phenomenon. Children of all level, kindergarten included, will
greatly benefit from online tutoring. Here are three (3) benefits of online tutoring.

1. Increased Availability
With online tutoring, you do not have to be limited by geography and, to a large extent, time.
The flexibility that online tutoring provides makes it a major win over traditional schooling.
You simply need to find a tutor that suits the scheduling that you prefer and get busy. Being
able to take your child with you anywhere in the world while maintaining their syllabus or
curriculum is a great benefit. This means that you could take your children with you to that
two-week workshop in Dubai without having to worry about them missing school.

2. The Power of Choice
Another major benefit of online tutoring is that you will have the ability to hand-pick exactly
who will be teaching your child(ren). While you are able to decide which school you want
your children to attend, you are not given the chance to choose who teaches your child a
particular subject. With online tutoring, you have this level of power.
Each child has a different capacity for learning. According to The Duke Perspective, “In a
classroom setting, the kids to teacher ratio can be much higher, which does not give the
teacher ample room to provide individual attention to each student’s needs and correct their
learning gaps.” The use of online tutoring is an effective tool in resolving the education gap.
Parents need to pick this up early and make proactive actions to remedy this situation. Note
well that If your child is not yet in kindergarten, you could use online tutoring to get them
prepared for the standard education system.

3. You Get Your Money’s Worth
The power of choice that is available in the market of online tutoring makes it a competitive
market. Digital tutors must offer a high-quality service. The fact that you can quickly select
an alternative will constantly motivate them to do their best and ensure results. In a traditional
school system, you will not have these benefits. The surface cost of tutoring might seem a bit
higher but the direct attention and development that your child will experience will be more
than worth it.

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